What does good HSEQ management look like?

  1. The HSEQ agenda is integrated with the business strategy and driven by top management
  2. The strategy is continually understood and communicated by all managers
  3. The strategy is executed through policy and business processes governed and aligned by the integrated management system
  4. Changes to the business model, commercial orientation, organisation, processes, staffing and assets are duly controlled by a management of change process – Development projects are executed using project management methodology
  5. Management, employees, contractors and suppliers are competent and continually developed to cope with the daily challenges and priorities and to grow as people
  6. Products and services are designed, planned and executed to provide safe and effective operations and fulfil the needs and expectations of the customer
  7. Production and service provision assets are designed and maintained in order to ensure safe and effective operations – physical hazards are continually reduced and eventually eliminated
  8. Business performance is systematically monitored, analysed and communicated throughout the organisation
  9. Accountable and empowered management and employees do not tolerate unsatisfactory performance and do anything within their capability to prevent recurrence – a trusting environment assures open reporting from all levels of the organisation
  10. The business is always capable of responding to and recovering from emergency situations